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7 Weeks of Private Group
Therapy for Black Men

Become A Better Man!

Private | Confidential | Remain Anonymous


Meet the Therapist

Mr. Shawn McBride, MA, is a Licensed and professional African American male therapist/counselor who has served thousands of Black males through counseling and therapy for almost 25 years. He is the founder of the Couples Counseling Center, which is a national counseling/therapy agency serving couples and individuals worldwide. Shawn holds a Master’s in Counseling/Psychology and is a certified trauma-informed therapist.

About Group Therapy for Black Men:

Join Shawn McBride, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor/Therapist, in these 7 transformative weekly one-hour group therapy sessions designed specifically for Black men. As an expert facilitator, Shawn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to create a safe and supportive environment for healing and growth. These sessions address the unique challenges and experiences faced by Black men, providing a space for open dialogue and cultural understanding.

Weekly homework and reading are required.


Group Therapy For Black Men-Level 1

This group is for men who are new to Shawn McBride’s therapy programs. This is a foundational group for men who are either just embarking on their recovery journey or have not had any group therapy experience in the past.


Monday night @ 9 pm-10 pm (EST) starts 4/1-5/13

Wednesday night @ 9 pm-10 pm (EST) starts 4/3-5/13


Level 1 Weekly Topics:

1. The Importance of Therapy for Black Men

2. What Happened To You? The Effects of Childhood Trauma on A Grown Man (Trauma Timeline)

3. Understanding Core Wounds/Becoming a Transitional Character

4. Self-Awareness/Understanding Your Four Negative Feelings/Emotions

5. Managing /Expressing Your Feelings/Emotions

6. The Five Most Important Questions A Man Must Answer

7. The Five Most Important Needs of Your Lady


 Group Therapy For Black Men-Level 2

This group is for men who have been a part of the Level 1 therapy with Shawn McBride, MA, LPC and want to dig deeper and continue the healing process. 


Tuesday night @ 9 pm-10 pm (EST) starts on 4/2-5/14

Sat morn @ 10 am-11 am (EST) starts on 4/6-5/18

Sunday eve @ 5 pm-6 pm (EST) starts 4/21-6/2

Level 2 Weekly Topics

1.     Purpose To Power Your Journey to a Life of Meaning

2.     Understanding The Emotionally Abusive Man

3.     Understanding The Narcissistic Man

4.     Learning To Cry Like A Man

5.     Understanding Soul Abuse

6.     Understanding the Passive/Aggressive Man

7.     Becoming a 10x Man


Group Cost $497 (Only $71 per session).

As a form of payment, we accept all credit cards, After Pay, Health Savings Accounts (HSA), and Flex Spending Accounts (FSA).

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