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7 Weeks of Private Group
Therapy for Black Men

Become A Better Man!

Private | Confidential | Remain Anonymous


Meet the Therapist

Mr. Shawn McBride, MA, is a Licensed and professional African American male therapist/counselor who has served thousands of Black males through counseling and therapy for almost 25 years. He is the founder of the Couples Counseling Center, which is a national counseling/therapy agency serving couples and individuals worldwide. Shawn holds a Master’s in Counseling/Psychology and is a certified trauma-informed therapist.

Group Therapy Dates/Times:

Monday, January 15, 2024 - Monday, February 26, 2024

9 pm - 10 pm EST

Why Group Therapy for Black Men:

Unfortunately, with rising rates of mental health disorders in Black men can no longer afford to put their emotional and mental wellness on the backburner. Here are five reasons why Black men need therapy immediately.


1.            Therapy can help Black men identify and resolve unhealed trauma

2.            Therapy can help Black men properly handle various emotions they are feeling

3.            Therapy can help Black men improve their relationships

4.            Therapy can help Black men make positive life changes and a positive impact in their lives

5.            Therapy can help Black men by creating a safe environment for men to vent & talk


Many Black men have not been taught how to process and talk about their emotional experiences, furthering a sense of isolation, anger, sadness, shame, fear and resentment. For these men, this creates an emotional volatility that can sometimes manifest in seeming “shut down” in relationships and friendships. At its worst, this budding resentment can manifest in outward expression of anger, aggression, and even violence.

Many men (arguably most) struggle with the idea of being openly vulnerable and sharing their emotions with their community, their partner, loved ones or even those closest to them.


Therapy for Black men seeks to make a difference in the lives of Black men who are in need of therapy.



Group Therapy 7 Week Agenda:

Week 1-  The Importance of Therapy for Black Men

Week 2-  The Five Most Important Questions A Black Man Must Answer

Week 3-  What Happened To You? The Effects of Childhood Trauma on A Grown Man (Trauma Timeline)

Week 4-  Self Awareness/Understanding Your Four Negative Feelings/Emotions

Week 5-  Managing /Expressing Your Feelings/Emotions

Week 6-  The Power of Accountability To Become An Emotionally Healthy Man

Week 7-  Understanding Maleness and Manhood

Only $497 for a total of 7 weekly sessions (all credit cards are accepted for payment)

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