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Couples Communication & Conflict Resolution

Seminar with Shawn McBride, MA, LPPC

This free class is offered several times each year in various locations. We are always looking for new places willing to host on a Friday evening 7 pm-10 pm, or Saturday morning, 10 am-1 pm. 


Welcome To The 3 Hour Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution Class For Couples


Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution Class For Couples is designed by licensed professional counselor Shawn McBride, MA, for couples who are dating, engaged, or married. The purpose of the class is to educate and equip couples with much-needed help learning the proper skills and tools of communication to benefit their partnership. As a licensed professional counselor/therapist, the top two issues that couples come into my office to resolve are:

1.    How Can We Better Communicate?

2.    How Can We Effectively Resolve Conflict?


·         So much of what we communicate in our relationships is based on our perceptions, personal experiences, stressors, and other factors that cause us not to effectively communicate with others who have differing points of reference. When working inside of a partnership, communication must effectively address the needs of both partners, support conflict resolution, and consider a myriad of critical components, not just personal feelings, to maintain a healthy relationship.


·         Poor communication/lack of conflict resolution skills is something that many couples struggle with and do not possess the skills/tools to overcome on their own. They must learn to slow down to truly hear the other partner, dissect conflicts and openly discuss some of their most deeply held beliefs, desires, and fears before a solid basis for communication can be formed.


·         Whether a new relationship, dating for many years, or married for decades, you can always improve communication and resolve conflict more effectively. In addition, changes in family structure, careers, goals, and overall life situations also cause communication to change. Once learned, the basic skills can be applied in many life’s situations, providing a lifetime of effective and constructive communication.


·         Just reading about communication can help a couple effectively communicate. However, learning any new habit requires repetition and enforcement through doing. Therefore the class includes practical discussions, exercises, and questions to ponder to build upon those lessons for the future.


·         The three hour class in summation is designed to help couples break down many roadblocks to communication & conflict resolution. The skills, reminders, and exercises as taught by Shawn McBride, MA will apply to many situations couples might be dealing with now in their relationship or simply giving them a better foundation for the future.


About Shawn McBride

Shawn M. McBride is a licensed professional counselor and highly regarded relationship and marriage therapist from Washington, DC, serving dating couples, engaged couples, and married couples for over 22 years. He believes that every couple, no matter what issues they are currently facing, has H.O.P.E and that every romantic relationship can improve over time when there is a commitment from both persons to put in the necessary work. Shawn is the proud father of five young adult children and 1 granddaughter. He has been happily married to his wife, Dana Michelle, for almost 30 years. To learn more about Shawn McBride and the counseling/therapy services he provides:



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