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The Couples Retreat Center 

Southern Prince George's County, MD

The Couples Retreat Center will be a private, beautiful, secluded, 5k square ft facility that will be built on over two acres of land in southern Prince George’s County Maryland.

The mission of The Couples Retreat Center is to be a safe place for couples to rejuvenate their love, renew their relationship, revive their connection and to get much needed rest from the hustle and bustle of life so that their relationship will improve.

The Couples Retreat Center will be a peaceful environment for couples to escape the stress of everyday life to learn more about themselves on a much deeper, vulnerable and emotional level. A place where couples can improve their relationship love and commitment. A place where couples can develop an overall sense of emotional/relational connection with each other as they enjoy themselves romantically away from everyday stresses.


The Couples Retreat Center seeks to:

  • Be a safe place for weekend/weekday romantic and educational getaways for couples

  • Offer 3-day and 5-day couples intensives provided by relationship experts.

  • Be an educational place that will facilitate couple’s discussions, lectures, and practical exercises to help couples grow closer together

  • Be a conference facility for small groups of couples

  • Create an atmosphere with limited distractions where couples can explore their feelings, thoughts, needs, and deep dive into their relationship.

  • In addition to counseling sessions, the Couples Retreat Center seeks to be a place where couples can participate in various activities such a romantic lunch/dinner, spa with couples massage or different outdoor activities.

  • To be a place where couples can learn productive communication skills and gain skills/tools to successfully resolve conflicts while feeling close and connected to one another.

  • To be a place that will help couples deepen their sense of intimacy and connection


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