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Counseling/Coaching For Teens


Since the pandemic started in the winter of 2020, distance learning, isolation, economic instability, fear, and increased deaths, have led to unprecedented levels of depression, anxiety, and trauma among children, especially teenagers.


Your teen may be experiencing any number of negative or anxious emotions, but many adolescents don’t easily share their feelings.


When you ask your teen, “How’s it going?”  “Fine” may be the only response.


The reason there are so many unhappy and unfulfilled adults in the world today is because certain issues were never addressed in their teen years.


Just look around. You see it everyday. You know many of the adults that struggle with some of these issues.



✅Broken Relationships

✅Financial Struggles





✅Lack of Self-Control




✅Low Motivation

✅Lack of Confidence

✅Body Image Issues

✅Poor Decision Making

✅Parent-Teen Conflict


This list can go on forever. And you wonder why teenagers are scared of “Adulting.”


The teen years are critical because this is when they build their foundations for adulthood, If any of their issues are not resolved, then your teen will struggle with the same issues as they get older.


Resist the desire to believe that it will magically fix itself with maturity.


The time is NOW to help your teenager experience the fullness of life without being held back.


The teens years are the most critical! Imagine the possibilities for your teenager if they can get more help and support.

Morning, afternoon, evening & weekend appointments available!
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