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How To Effectively Respect Your Man (For Women Only) 

with Shawn McBride, MA, LPPC

How To Effectively Respect Your Man (For Women Only) Saturday 1/13/24 @1pm-3pm 


To be R.E.S.P.E.C.T.E.D is one of the greatest needs and desires of a man, especially in his romantic relationship with a woman. This class is taught by Shawn McBride, MA, LPC author and highly sought after relationship therapist. Shawn offers women invaluable knowledge by detailing what RESPECT looks like to a man. He offers practical advice, empathetic knowledge, deep insights, and helpful solutions for women seeking a more effective connection with the man in her life. Whether you are a female dating, engaged, or married, this class will teach you eight eye-opening revelations that are certain to enhance and strengthen your relationship.



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