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Group Counseling & Therapy For Couples Who Are Dating, Engaged or Married!


Meet the Therapist

Mr. Shawn McBride, MA, LPC is a licensed and professional African American male therapist/counselor who has served thousands of dating, engaged and married couples through counseling and therapy for almost 25 years. He is the founder of the Couples Counseling Center, which is a national counseling/therapy agency serving couples and individuals worldwide. Shawn holds a Master’s in Counseling/Psychology, is a certified trauma-informed therapist and certified trainer for Prepare Enrich Assessments. He is has been married to his wife Michelle for 30 years and is the proud father of 5 adult children.

Group Therapy Dates/Times:

March 6 - April 17, 2024

Wednesday Nights

from 9 pm - 10 pm EST

The Power of Online Group Therapy for Relationships

As technology evolves, online group therapy has become an increasingly popular and accessible option for couples seeking support. In today's increasingly connected world, online group therapy for relationships is becoming more accessible and popular. Couples group therapy offers a unique opportunity for partners to come together with other couples to work on their relationships, gain valuable insights, and foster a supportive community.


6 Powerful Benefits of Couples Group Therapy

Couples group therapy provides a safe space for partners who are dating, engaged or married to explore their relationship dynamics, learn from other's experiences, and develop new skills for improved communication and connection.


1.       Gaining Insight and Perspective

Listening to other couples share their experiences and challenges can provide valuable insights and perspectives on one's relationship. Observing different communication styles and conflict resolution strategies can offer new ideas for addressing issues within your relationship.


2.       Building Accountability and Support

Group therapy fosters a sense of accountability, as couples are encouraged to set goals and work towards them together. The group provides a supportive environment where couples can share their struggles and successes, fostering empathy and understanding.


3.       Enhancing Communication/Conflict Resolution Skills

Couples group therapy often involves guided exercises and discussions designed to improve communication and listening skills. Learning and practicing these skills within a group setting can help couples transfer them to everyday interactions.


4.       Flexibility and Accessibility

Online group therapy allows couples to participate from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for travel and making it easier for busy couples to fit sessions into their schedules. Couples living in remote areas or with limited access to therapy services can benefit from online group therapy without geographic constraints.


5.       Anonymity and Comfort

The online format provides anonymity that can help couples feel more comfortable sharing their feelings and experiences. This increased comfort can lead to more open and honest discussions, promoting growth and understanding within the group.


6.       Diverse Perspectives and Support

Online group therapy brings together couples from various backgrounds and locations, offering a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences. Building connections with other couples worldwide can foster a supportive network that extends beyond the therapy sessions.

Only $71 per session!

(all credit cards are accepted for payment)

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