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3 Day Intensive Program for Sexual Recovery for Men & Women

At the Couples Counseling Center we are dedicated to treating sex addiction for men & women. If you are struggling with sex addiction, we can help. Your addiction doesn’t have to end your marriage, negatively affect your personal relationships, and ruin your self-image.


Our 3 day intensives will give you hope and a clear path to recovery. Licensed Professional Counselor  Shawn McBride, MA, LPC will meet with you each day over the course of three days to explore all of your your past and present. As a part of the process he will also meet with your partner and create a recovery plan personalized specifically to your situation, and give you the resources you need to succeed in recovery.


The shame, guilt and fear you are feeling doesn’t have to rule your life. Find your way back from sexual addiction and intimacy anorexia at The Couples Counseling Center and break the chains of your addiction.


The 3 Day Sexual Addiction Intensive is focused on adult men and women who are dealing with sex addiction in their relationships and want help. We can help men and women overcome lust, pornography, compulsive sex, affairs, love addiction, extra marital relationships, illicit romances, and sexual addiction. Men can finally get the help that they need to break free from sex addiction, redeem your life and live free with help from licensed professional counselor Shawn McBride, MA, LPC



Do the work in three days that would normally take 6 months. A 3-day Intensive program for sexual recovery has been designed to repair broken men and broken relationships for the long term. Research says Intensive format is three times more effective than traditional weekly counseling.  OUR INTENSIVES PROVIDE HOPE AND A CLEAR PATH TO RECOVERY FROM SEXUAL ADDICTION.


The Power of Intimacy In Marriage

Intimacy is the core building block of your relationships. It is even more crucial in your marriage. Your spouse needs physical and emotional intimacy from you to feel cared for, safe, loved and trusted. A lack of intimacy builds walls in your relationship, causes anxiety and slowly kills your relationship. The lack of intimacy is a huge factor in divorces, relationship ending crises and marital struggles.


Partner Session/Partner Betrayal Trauma

As a part of the 3 day Sex Addiction Intensive we will help partners who feel like their trust was broken and betrayal. The trauma created by being betrayed by your partner or significant-other irreversibly changes your life and relationship. They let you down. As a part of the intensive we will help you heal and validates your pain. Being in a relationship with a sex addict can have a negative impact on you as well as implications for your own personal life, self-image and well-being. Your marriage to a sex addict doesn’t define who are you as a person or your future. Redefine yourself, your relationship and your image with the help from licensed professional counselor Shawn McBride, MA, LPC



Three Day Intensive Core Subjects

Sex addiction counseling is a complex counseling issue at the Couples Counseling Center we want to help men/women heal.  

1.    Types of Sex Addicts

2.    Neurological Understanding of Sexual Addiction

3.     12 Steps To Recovery

4.    Relapse Strategies

5.    Partners Recovery ( For Spouses/Partners)

6.    Understanding Intimacy Anorexia

7.    Treatment Plans

8.    Case Studies/Assessment




Call 301-615-4510 to Schedule.

8am-1pm x 3 days, Plus daily homework after each session The remaining 9 clinical hours of counseling/therapy will be spread out weekly over the course of 2 months to ensure follow up and accountability. 



Next Intensive Date

January 2024-December 2024




All major credit cards are accepted


Schedule 3 Day Intensive Here:

Call/Text Shawn McBride to schedule 301-615-4510 

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