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Greetings. Thank you for reaching out to me.

I am a licensed (LGPC) African American male counselor/therapist in Maryland, and I also hold a Masters degree in this field. I have been serving individuals and couples who are dating, engaged, and married for 21 years. This is my full-time work. I am certified in Prepare Enrich Assessments and hold memberships with ACA and AACC.


I’ve been married to my bride for 28 years, am the proud father of 5 young adult children, and have successfully helped individuals/couples work through every possible relationship problem imaginable.


As an ordained minister, I have officiated over 300 weddings.


You will never find a counselor who works harder to help you individually and/or your relationship than I will.


I’m down to earth, a great listener, nonjudgmental, fair, confidential, and provide a safe environment for you individually and/or with your partner to vent, share and talk through your tough relationship challenges.


I will always give you perspective, teach you skills, and give you the proper tools to help you win.


My gray hair, wisdom, age, and real-life experience will help you and your partner resolve your relational issues with practical solutions as soon as possible.


I prefer to meet in person in my private office (Bowie, MD) but can also meet you virtually if you are out of town or simply prefer virtual.


Sessions are 55 min @ $155. I do not accept insurance at this time; however, I do accept all major credit cards for payment and can offer a receipt for reimbursement through your insurance carrier since I am considered an out-of-network provider.


You will be very surprised at what therapy can potentially do for your relationship at least once or twice per month.


I look forward to meeting you and your partner soon.


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Shawn McBride, MA, LGPC

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The vision of the Couples Counseling Center is to be a safe and confidential place that offers professional, genuine, practical and wisdom-filled assistance to couples. We desire to help equip and prepare engaged couples for a lifelong marriage as well as help all couples identify patterns of behavior that may act as barriers to intimacy. We are committed to helping couples who may be in conflict, find productive ways to move past the hurts, and heal the wounds that will strengthen their relational bond.  

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