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Couples Communication & Conflict Resolution

Seminar with Shawn McBride, MA, LPPC

Save The Date!

Spend 4 hours with me in Washington DC on

Saturday, January 21, 2023, 10 am-2 pm.

Effective Communication Skills & Effective Conflict Resolution tools are the #1️⃣ need for dating, engaged, and married couples who come into my office for professional counseling/therapy!

I am finally bringing this teaching/training out of my private office and to Washington, DC, in 2022.  It’s 4 hours of training and a self-guided workbook for continuous development.

This event is for dating couples, engaged couples, and married couples who want to learn effective ways of communicating and resolving conflict so that their relationship can be healthy and strong!

When couples get along, understanding deepens, intimacy is more passionate, and peace prevails within the relationship.

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